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Transistor inverters: specifications, structural schemes, application recommendations

Work on many technical problems, which as a rule are connected with interfacing equipment having different types of power supplying, control and energy saving, power supply quality and power systems reliability improvement, leads to the necessity of conversion direct voltage into alternating. Such problems can be solved with the help of DC/AC converters (inverters). The description of these units is made by example of DA XP Electronics and SLI Magnetek transistor inverters, which embody many advanced solutions and thus completely characterize all features, ways of modern inverters development and application.

System Integration
Oil & Gas Industry

Automated system of submersible electrical equipment exercisers control

The article reports on development and exploitation experience of automated system of submersible electrical equipment exercisers control. This equipment is used in oil industry. Much attention is paid to the hardware-software solutions for electric-centrifugal pump exercisers and submersible induction motor.

Application of industrial automation devices in on-board equipment of small spacecrafts

The experience of using industrial MicroPC for creating "Oblik" equipment, installed in small spacecraft "Mozhaets-4" is described in the article. The used approach meets world trends in the sphere of on-board spacecraft equipment development and allows to reduce time and financial input with an appropriate level of reliability.

The MicroPC module application in the AVS-F on-board equipment of the "Coronas-F" satellite

The article describes the controller of the system produced on the base of Octagon Systems 4020 CPU for experimenting in amplitude-time spectrometry of the sun on the board of the "Coronas-F" satellite. The main point of the article is the specific features of controller's implementation, focused on its reliability and performance improvement as a part of spacecraft's on-board complex. The short description of the experiment and its results are provided.

Railway Transport

Automated wheel set control complex "Peleng-Avtomat"

The article reports on flaw-detection automated complex developed by the "Altek" company, St. Petersburg. The complex is designed for railway transport as a non-destructive inspection system of the railcar's wheels and shafts while any examination or lay-over are carried out.

Multifunction microprocessor system of diesel locomotive control

The article contains the description of the up to date diesel locomotive microprocessor control system 2TE116KM. The system is developed to control and manage the operating regime of basic and auxiliary equipment of the twin-unit diesel locomotive, to regulate the rail tractive effort and to operate as an on-board diagnostic device.

Real-time Operating Systems

QNX: Cluster calculations

In this article, by the example of particular run-time programs, it is shown how you can easily organize the parallel work of several net points on the calculation process, using specific features of the real-time operation system QNX. Such organization can be used for a significant growth of the computer system's performance and for wide range of practical tasks. One can state a common for QNX absence of priority inversion in the distributed system, which is especially important for the reliable operation of the real-time system.

Dataforth: new quality standards

Promising energetic electronics devices of the Interpoint Company

The article reports on challenging models of the Interpoint DC/DC converters for military and space applications. You can find information about their basic technical characteristics, requirements and standards they meet, comparison with the similar modules from another manufacturers. The special attention is paid to their radiation-standing characteristics and in this connection some circuit and design solutions, which are realized in new models, are described. It is also indicated that the Interpoint DC/DC converters can be used in domestic developments of special techniques.

The future we have seen today

The PTA exhibition — the evidence of the Russian industry revival

Process automation for power industry

The seminar on Intel, Allegro and MPS electronic components