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System Integration
Construction Materials Industry

Control system for concrete mixers

In this article, the author discusses a control system for concrete mixers, describing capabilities and features of its user interface. The hardware and software solution described in the article ensure the system's high reliability and allow its functions to be expanded to control all the equipment in a concrete mixing unit.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Monitoring and recording parameters in the process of extruding components from special materials

This article describes an automated system for monitoring and recording parameters in extrusion processes. The system was built quickly using open standards and current hardware and software.


Automated control system for conveying ingots

This article describes a control system for conveying hot ingots for a four-strand continuous billet caster, built using RASTR contactless optical meters. This solution is intended to improve the ability of the meters to withstand high temperatures. The authors discuss the networking capabilities of the system and appraise the stability of the technical process for continuous casting of steel based on the rolling speed spectrums created by the system.


New automation tools for non-destructive rail testing

The authors describe approaches for improving automated systems for ultrasonic rail testing by leveraging the strengths of hardware and software, as well as by implementing networking technologies to establish comprehensive monitoring of railways. The authors cite the results of a pilot with the next-generation ADS-02 portable rail tester.

Food Industry

Using servo actuators in packaging equipment

The author describes the replacement of asynchronous frequency-regulated electric drives and electromagnetic couplers with servo actuators in the dosing mechanism on a packaging production line. The article analyzes the advantages of using servo actuators with regard to the primary capabilities of the packaging equipment, speed and accuracy of the dosing. The author offers different scenarios for setting up such a control system.

Control system for distilling equipment

The control system described in this article provides an integrated approach to automating distilling equipment, as opposed to the still widely used solutions that are based on setting up unconnected local units for controlling separate parameters. The author demonstrates the advantages of this integrated approach, which, to a large extent, is enabled by the use of WAGO I/O-System controllers in the system, along with contemporary networking and software solutions. Particular emphasis is placed on hardware backups as a way of ensuring the system functions reliably.

Software Tools

ReportWorX.NET: a universal control system for reports

Absolute rotary encoders with SSI interface

This article discusses absolute rotary encoders with SSI (synchronous serial interface). General information is provided on the SSI interface, including the principles behind its operation and the issues involved in connecting to, and monitoring, the interface. Using products from Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH (Germany) as examples, the author illustrates the various ways that these encoders can be built and provides practical information on their application.

A secondary power supply source using electricity from two electric mains

Based on their many years of experience with the development and comparative analysis of products from different manufacturers, the authors make the case for their choice of a structure for a secondary power supply source and primary power transformers. The backup power system described in this article uses power from two electric mains, is highly reliable and can be used for critical applications.

Principles of ensuring electrical compatibility of measurement devices. Part 2

Working with GENESIS32 SCADA

Quality control at Fastwel: implementation and certification

Developing and implementing an enterprise quality control system is a complex process that in many ways is unique for each company. The implementation plan and the selection of materials and resources depend on many factors, including the work done at the enterprise, the complexity of the production processes and much more. This article discusses the development, deployment and certification of a quality control system at Fastwel, as well as the key features of this process as they relate to the specific nature of this company.

PTA-2003: Results and Reviews

This article reviews the results of the PTA-2003 Expo, briefly reviewing company exhibits and the new products presented at the show, and describing the most interesting and important events at PTA-2003.