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Inductive proximity sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH

This article continues CTA's series on products from Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH. This time we cover inductive proximity sensors, examining different designs, their basic electrical and physical features, custom sensor designs, potential applications and their usage.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Mobile measuring systems for conducting warranty testing on turbine equipment

This system is designed to perform an objective, rapid evaluation of steam turbine equipment when conducting warranty testing and on-the-spot evaluations of the equipment's operational efficiency. The requirements for this type of information system include the ability to be very rapidly set up and brought online, to have the measuring equipment placed in direct proximity to working turbines in temperatures approaching 60 degrees Celsius, and to be used repeatedly at neighboring sites.

Control systems for power equipment in environmental chambers

This article describes a system for controlling environmental chambers used for testing materials and manufactured goods. The system is based on inexpensive, off-the-shelf components. The authors examine the capabilities of the software tools used in this solution.


Building an automated system for controlling explosion-hazardous manufacturing processes

The author examines the issues involved in putting together the hardware and software for an automated process control system for use in areas at risk for explosion.

Electric Power Industry

The "ideal" system for controlling a heat and electric supply station

The author describes the experience building a system for controlling a heat and electric supply station based on the SIEMENS S7 controllers, using the WM 1.3 SCADA system. The article lists the general principles for building a proposed system that, the system's developers believe, would be ideal in today's conditions for sites with more than 700 controlled parameters.

Coalmining Industry

Monitoring and processing equipment for non-contact controlling of solid fuels quality

This article cites the results of the development of a radioisotope measuring and processing device for non-contact, instruments-only control of the ash content and density of flowing solid fuels. Thanks to the unique design of the primary sensor used in the device, the system meets the requirements for high reliability while also demonstrating the ability to process measurement data fairly quickly.

Urban Transport

Automating the testing of linear electric motors on the Moscow Monorail

This article examines methods and tools for automating experimental testing and test rigs, including for tests conducted in extreme, extraordinary conditions, and in dynamic and static modes. The authors briefly describe a measurement system for testing linear electric motors on the Moscow Monorail.

Municipal Economy

Developing an automated process control system for a water intake using the MK-4xx series modules

Normalizing converters from Dataforth

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