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System Integration
Municipal Economy

Remote site monitoring and control system

This article examines a system for remote site monitoring and control built for a network of heating stations in Kaliningrad. The authors describe the system's structure and its functional capabilities, and they cite certain details regarding the application of cellular communications channels and microcontrollers from Advantech.

Power Engineering

Control system for a steam heat-recovery boiler

The author discusses an automated process control system for a steam heat-recovery boiler. The system was built using an IBM PC-compatible industrial controller, and it was implemented at the Krasnokamsk Pulp and Paper Mill.

Glassmaking Industry

Controlling the glass melting process using the GENESIS32 suite

This article was prepared based on the experience of creating a system for controlling a glass-melting furnace. The authors explain the reasons for using a system developed in-house based on integrating highly reliable hardware, and they describe the technological process, present a detailed electrical schematic and demonstrate the capabilities made possible by using GENESIS32 SCADA suite.

Food Industry

Automated process control system for the production of chocolate frosting

This article presents a project to modernize a control system for a chocolate frosting production line, describing the unit to be controlled, the production process and the hardware and software.

Oil & Gas Industry

Automating oil processing: "Customs approves!"

The authors describe building an automation system at an installation for the integrated processing of oil at fieldslocated in the former Soviet republics.

Process control system based on the GENESIS32 SCADA suite: a pilot project

This article examines the use of the GENESIS32 SCADA suite and demonstrates the broad functionality of this suite. The authors describe the architecture of a process control system for an oil-gathering station. The system collects data and exercises control using an industrial microcontroller.

System for collecting and displaying information using OPC and Internet technologies

The authors detail their experience building the eXtenderOPC hierarchical system for collecting and displaying information using GENESIS32 SCADA. As an example of an implementation site, the article examines the oil-metering unit at Sibnefteprovod, which is a division of Transneft. The piece demonstrates the flexibility and new capabilities of the system thanks to the use of OPC and Internet technologies.


Portable radiometer for measuring oil pollution in bodies of water

This article devotes particular attention to the physical principles of the operation a polarization radiometer, as well as to the issue of selecting components for the unit in the design stage with consideration of the working conditions in regions of Western Siberia and the high requirements for the unit's reliability. The authors examine possibilities for expanding the number of solutions for the measurement challenge.

Municipal Economy

Automated system for controlling a water screen

The authors describe the development of an automated system for controlling a water screen at a holding storehouse for liquid chlorine at the Severnaya Water Station in St. Petersburg. The article devotes particular attention to the issues of how to ensure high reliability and the necessary level of safety in the system.

Shield casings for electronic devices

Intrinsic safety shunt-diode Zener barriers: selection criteria and application

Schematic diagram for the NLP65-series AC/DC universal input switch-mode power supplies