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Level control devices

This article completes a series of reviews covering level control devices. This installment covers continuous level meters employing various physical means of measurement. Examples are cited using products from Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH.

System Integration
Heavy Industry

Automatic control and monitoring system for a rotating kiln

This article describes the issues associated with optimally controlling the kilning process for raw materials in a rotating kiln, as well as ways to address these issues using a heat regulator based on the automatic control system deployed at the Magnezit plant in Satka, Chelyabinsk Oblast.


NC-2000 digital control system

The authors examine the NC-2000 digital control system, intended for controlling complex, high-efficiency equipment. The system described is one component of a closed-loop production process for modern, flexible computer-aided manufacturing, built around an integrated computing network supported with the necessary hardware. This system is a component of a production-oriented information network for a plant or factory, performing its functions without human intervention.

Atomic Energy

The ASUZ-03R control and security system for a PIK nuclear research reactor

This article offers a fundamentally new approach to building an integrated signaling channel for a security control system used in the hardware for a control and security system at a nuclear research reactor at the Russian Academy of Science's Petersburg Institute for Nuclear Physics.

Information and monitoring system for an SM-3 reactor unit

The authors relate the development of an information and monitoring system for an SM-3 reactor unit, describing the highlights of the system's deployment onsite and citing the results from use of the hardware and software that comprise the system.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Automated process control system for reagent tanks at rare metals plants

This article describes a new automatic process control and monitoring system for reagent tanks at rare metals plants, as well as the stages for a phased, rapid deployment of the system without interrupting production. Thanks to the chosen components, the system is highly reliable while being fairly fast in terms of processing measurements data.


Using the Nadezhda space system to locate dolphins

The authors cite the results for identifying marine mammal migration routes using the Nadezhda satellite system and RM-D radio beacons placed on dolphins in the Black Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk. The article notes the features of the Nadezhda satellite system and the RM-D radio transmitters. Migration routes for the animals are shown for the summer and autumn of 2001.

Using the QNX operating system in underwater robotics

This article addresses the use of the QNX real-time operating system in developing computing environments for underwater robotics control systems.

The FDT/DTM specification

Corrosion resistance in electrical equipment casings