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Level control devices

This piece launches a series of review articles covering level control devices and introducing readers to level sensors based on products from Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH. The articles examine the primary measurement devices and certain specific aspects of their use and would be useful for specialists in selecting the proper level sensor.

System Integration
Oil & Gas Industry

Multi-function controllers as the foundation for mass automation of model oil drilling sites

The authors describe the creation of a model multi-function controller and its application in automating oil-drilling sites at the Ashalchinskiy oilfield in Tatarstan.

New options for process control in oil extraction

This article examines the Mega automated control system. The article describes the structure of the system and the functions of its primary elements, and the authors cite those of the system's functions that are important for the oil extraction industry.

Gaz-6 gas content control system

The authors examine the issues associated with automating separate sites along a gas pipeline using the Magistral-2 technologies. The article provides a description of the Gaz-6 gas content control system, along with the structure of the system. This system is capable of functioning both as a component in a larger system or autonomously.

Oil & Gas Industry

The Khortitsa system for pipeline transfer

This article describes a monitoring and measurement system intended for remote monitoring of parameters and control of equipment on gas and oil pipelines.

Automating bases for the storage of gas-filling stations

The authors examine automated systems for controlling level, volume and mass of liquefied gases at a tank farm for the storage of gas-filling stations. The system is also capable of tracking the transfer of gas from a storage tank into tanker trucks and cylinders.

Automated system for dispensing liquefied gas at filling stations

The author discusses the specifics of automating the retail and technical cycle of automobile filling stations, as well as the system developed for this purpose and the experience using the system. Particular attention is devoted to the metered dispensing of liquefied hydrocarbon gas.

Mobile unit for exploring gas-condensate fields

This article examines the issues associated with creating an automated monitoring and control system for a mobile exploration unit. The author presents the structure, main technical characteristics and functionality of the system.

Automated environmental monitoring of surface water pollutant sources

The authors describe the Volga environmental protection boat, which provides environmental monitoring in the Kuibyshev reservoir. The article highlights all the components of the system, and it shows that the use of current technologies to automate procedures for analyzing, collecting and processing information, with the ability to display and archive the information in real time, significantly increases the effectiveness of water-quality monitoring.

Intrinsically safe remote process interface (IS-RPI)