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Industrial Networks

HART protocol

This review is intended to provide an initial introduction to the HART protocol. The article also looks at tools for describing, setting parameters for and connecting low-level HART devices in an automated process control system.

System Integration
Power Engineering

Automated control system for KVGM-100 hot-water boilers in a thermal power plant

This article explains and demonstrates the benefits of combining upgrades for obsolete equipment at thermal power plants with the implementation of a multi-level integrated automated process control system based on contemporary microprocessor equipment to achieve a qualitatively new level of technology.

Municipal Economy

Setting up an automated control system for a water works

This article briefly describes the history, implementation, prospects for improvement and technical features of the Sludinskaya Water Works in Nizhniy Novgorod. The system was built using remote data collection and control modules.


Using industrial controllers to automate hydrometeorological measurements

This article introduces an automated system for taking meteorological measurements, doing the initial processing on the data and presenting the measurements in a standard form to provide real-time aviation weather support for the airport in Nadym. The article demonstrates the potential for using industrial controllers to automate the process of taking environmental measurements.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Automated control system for heat testing products

The problem of how to set up an automated control system for heat testing products is particularly critical at facilities for producing aerospace rockets. The demands placed on such systems are constantly being increased in terms of speed, accuracy, versatility and functional flexibility. This article describes a mutli-channel computer system for monitoring dynamically changing parameters, including temperature, load force, linear dimensions and so on.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Rebuilding a radioisotope thickness gauge for metal

The authors describe the upgrade, using new components, of a radioisotope thickness gauge for metal. The upgrade significantly increased the gauge's functionality, allowing it to be used as the basis for a control system for production indicators. 


Aircraft engine testing unit

This article reviews the specific issues involved in building a vibration testing unit for gas-turbine aircraft engines and the use of such a unit to test engines on an aircraft production line.

Automated control systems for testing gas turbine engines

The authors describe the implementation of an automated control system for testing series-produced gas turbine aircraft engines at the Saturn Scientific Production Company. The article discusses the challenges in implementing and operating such systems.  

Automotive Industry

Control system for units to measure the angle of installation for wheels on the front-suspension bracket of the GAZ-2217 automobile

This article examines possible applications for current industrial computers in setting up electronic control systems for measuring and adjusting units that monitor automobile equipment.

Open-frame, surface-mountable DC/DC

The author reviews the open-frame, surface-mountable DC/DC converters from Artesyn Technologies. The article provides an overview of their basic features and offers recommendations for their application. 

Structure of a measuring system based on passive sensors

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