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System Integration
Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Measuring raw materials and finished products

This article describes a system for automating weighing, dosing and measuring processes based on equipment components from SIEMENS.

Automated solution for scientific research

This article describes an automated measuring solution using open international standards and current software and hardware.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Automated dosing system for flotation reagents at an enrichment plant

The authors describe a system for automating the dosing of flotation reagents for the first and second units in the main facility of the Sredneuralskiy Copper-smelting Factory. The system was built using the ADAM-5510, an IBM PC-compatible programmable controller.

Optical pour rate measuring system for a continuous finished products casting machine

This article describes an optical measuring system for hot pouring with a continuous finished product measuring machine. The measuring system was designed to control the placement and speed of hot pouring for the continuous casting of steel.


Problems in creating onboard computing systems for small space devices

The author describes certain problems that arise in the development of equipment for onboard computing systems and potential solutions. The article describes the structure of an integrated MicroPC-based solution.

Increasing the radiation protection of industrial automation systems in onboard equipment

This article describes a method for increasing radiation protection, allowing for the use of equipment intended for industrial use in onboard equipment on space apparatuses. The authors cite the results of tests of MicroPC modules and certain IMS systems. The tests demonstrate a significant increase in the maximum dose of radiation in a “power off” state. The authors propose using a “periodic power switching” regime for onboard equipment.


System for monitoring and controlling scientific-technical experiments in space

This article describes the structure and components of a system designed for the real-time monitoring and control of crystallization processes using a zonal heating process in crystal-growing equipment in space. The basic components used ensure that the system is highly reliable when personnel tasks are carried out effectively.


Automated rotor balancing system

This article describes an automated system for performing dynamic rotor balancing on a vertical balancing stand with gasostatic bearings.

Distributed Control Systems

Where is the badger?

The author describes the software and methods for creating a distributed automatic process control system using the QNX operating system.

Software Tools

Universal software and hardware solution for an automatic process control system for chemical water treatment

This article analyzes the development and implementation of an integrated software-hardware solution for automating processes based on an automatic process control system for chemical water treatment at the Yuzhnouralsk City Electric Station.

Parallel port instead of a video card

Measuring pressure in automated systems