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Pepperl+Fuchs rotary encoders

This article describes the product line and the technical data for incremental and absolute rotary encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH (Germany). The article cites select information on the design of these products and provides examples of how encoders are used in automated manufacturing systems.

System Integration

Automated control system for heating ingots in the furnace of a cogging mill

This article discusses the controlled unit, a group of regenerative furnaces. Particular attention is devoted to the issues involved in setting up a bi-level automated control system for heating ingots in furnaces in a cogging mill. The article describes the capabilities, components and software used in the system.


Upgrading machines with digital control system

This article describes the structure and features of the DiaNa-SNS digital control system, including the hardware and software components of the system. The article provides examples of how this system has been used to upgrade different types of machines.

Extractive Industry

Automating X-ray diamond separators

This article examines the automation of X-ray separators for diamond-bearing ores. The article devotes particular attention to the analysis of signals based on analog-digital conversion and monitoring of the state of the separators in the automated process control system.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

BARS emergency monitor: features and practical application

This article describes the BARS monitor, designed to detect and monitor emergencies at power stations. The article examines the structure of the monitor and its features, and it describes how the monitor works as the basic component in a high-level information system, providing both emergency information and information on the status of signals during normal operations.

Training Systems

Microprocessor technology for institutions of higher education

Food Industry

Solutions for developing and debugging automatic process control system projects

This article describes the components, structure, hardware and software for solutions to test and debug software for automatic process control systems in laboratory conditions using digital models and full simulations of technological processes. The article cites an example of the use of such a solution to create and automated control system for cold smoking of fish.

Connection Systems and Cabinets

Weidmueller — your partner for industrial electrical connectivity and cabinets for electrical equipment

Programming logical integral designs in Fastwel modules