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Eliminating impermissible interference on electronic equipment from electric power networks

System Integration
Railway Transport

The Dvizhenie system: fixed hardware, central post and unified radio communications system

This article is a continuation of the article "Integrated System for Security and Automated Control of the Movement of Subway Trains", begun in СTA 4/2000.

Oil & Gas Industry

The development and implementation of an automated process control system for oil processing

This article describes an approach for developing and implementing an automated process control system created as a result of the implementation of a range of projects involving automated systems for oil processing. The key to this approach is the specialization of the hardware and software solution and the standardization of different phases in the creation of an automated process control system at various sites.

Control systems for tank farms for the processing and storage of oil products

This article describes a new system for monitoring and controlling a tank farm for processing oil products and its phased implementation at an oil processing plant without halting production and in a compressed time period.

Automated process control system for an oil processing enterprise

Providing for information collection and remote control functions at gas pipeline facilities

This article describes the Magistral-2 information and measurements solution, designed to create a telemetry system for geographically dispersed facilities. The article examines the structure of a control system for a gas transportation facility, created using the tools provided by the Magistral-2 solution.


Real-time control system for oil well output

This article examines the Potok industrial information and measurements systems developed by GANG-Neftegazavtomatika using new principles for the real-time control of oil well output.

Oil & Gas Industry

Automated systems for metering energy usage, using a Gamma 55 computer

This article examines approaches for resolving commercial and technical aspects of metering an enterprise's use of energy (natural gas, compressed or super-heated steam, heat energy from hot water).

Terminal Blocks

Weidmueller — your partner for industrial electronics and electric wiring tools

Industrial encoders: classes and some features