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Pepperl+Fuchs = Reliability

This article introduces Pepperl+Fuchs, a manufacturer of equipment and materials for low-level systems for automating general industrial sensors for physical parameters in technological process, as well as equipment for representing and registering information. The article gives readers an overview of the company's corporate history, philosophy, operations and objectives, describing the firm's structure and its products.

System Integration

Akhtuba automated message delivery system

This article describes a highly informative automated system for delivering secure messages. This system is notable for its increased level of reliability. The system uses digital technology for processing and transmitting information and is built on nodes of industrial computers.


Control system for technology monitoring and control of rolling mill's speed modes

This article addresses setting up an automated control system for high-speed milling on the cogging mill at the Donetsk Metallurgical Factory. The article describes the rolling technology and the features of the system that relate to the technology. Particular attention is paid to setting up a local computing network in conditions where there is strong electromagnetic interference. The system's structure, hardware and software are covered in detail.


Information system for a slab cutter in a cogging facility

This article describes the experience of setting up an information system for a slab cutter in a cogging facility at the Zaporozhstal Factory. This system is intended to provide information to the cutter to ensure proper cutting for the burnishing tools on the cutters.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Neutron-measuring and computing apparatus for controlling the moisture content and density of blended materials

This article describes the structure and components of the VNS-7652M neutron-measuring and computing apparatus intended for controlling the moisture content and density of blended materials fed into a blast furnace. Thanks to the selected element base, the apparatus combines high reliability with the performance necessary to process the measurement information.


Radiation monitoring of an apparatus for the processing and disposal of radioactive wastes of radioactive wastes

The article introduces an automated radiation monitoring system for remotely measuring the level of gamma radiation and the level of aerosol activity at various points in an enterprise. This system was implemented at a facility for processing and disposing of radioactive wastes.

Chemical Industry

A modern automated control system for dangerously explosive processes

This article reviews the issues of building intrinsically safe circuits and methods for controlling equipment located in explosive areas. Such equipment is intended for use in the manufacture of industrial explosives, medicines, chemical production and other industries where there is the need to blend multi-component mixtures weighing more than two tons, with strict monitoring of technological parameters.

Terminal Blocks

Modern connecting equipment

CAGE CLAMP COMPACT is another step forward in perfecting spring terminal blocks.

Weidmueller — Your partner for electric switching modules

Protecting against interference between sensors and connection wires in industrial automation systems

The effectiveness of implementing a system with variable-frequency drives

This article intends to demonstrate the benefits of implementing variable-frequency drives at facilities with pumping and ventilation equipment. Following an analysis of the success factors involved in implementing such actuators, the article cites the data acquired from actual facilities over two to five years of operation.

Q&A about the GENEISIS32

Belden and Hirschmann seminar