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Frequency Converters by Siemens

The frequency converters by Siemens serve to control the alternating-current drives of general purpose. Basic methods of working with the converters and issues of their integration into a process control system are considered.

System Integration
Power Engineering

A Process Control System based on “Om-Mega” Program-Technical Complex

The process control system for technological equipment of the heat power plant’s boiler unit has been implemented at Arkhangelsk pulp-and-paper plant, on the base of OMRON controllers.

Municipal Economy

Automated Monitoring and Control of Diversion Unit

The article reports about the automation experience of a typical diversion unit at Khimki-3 water treatment plant in Moscow region.

Food Industry

Automated Grain Moistening — Сomprehensive Approach to the Problem

Issues of implementation and practical use of automated moistening line at flour-grinding works are considered in the article, exemplified by “Komposit-09/UV-3” automated control system. The system’s structure and functionality, as well as the hardware implementation features are described.

Railway Transport

Automated Safety and Traffic Control System for Subway Trains

The program-technical complex providing safety and traffic control in the St.Petersburg subway is described in the article, with a focus on the microprocessor on-board computing system and other equipment that is using the majority logic to take decisions, by reduplication of channels, sensors and interface modules.

Electric Locomotive’s Microprocessor Equipment for Control and Diagnostics

A new state-of-the art automated control system has been created on a base of high-reliable components and modern technology of digital control and continuous diagnostics. The system is used in serial electric locomotives VL65 and EP1 to control electric drives and some other devices.

Using of PC-510 Single-Board Computer in Cab Signaling System

Experience of using PC-510 SBC and digital radio-communication in the on-board system for automated signaling of shunting locomotives is considered in the article.

Automated Train Driving Systems

Different types of systems for traction electrical equipment are used for automated driving of trains, having specific features for electric trains, passenger trains and freight locomotives, are described in the article.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Pyrometric Measuring System for Stationary Monitoring of Pulverized-Coal Furnace

The article introduces an automated multi-channel pyrometric system working at Novo-Irkutskaya heat power plant. The system is destined for stationary monitoring of pyrometric temperature, for definition of the heat area attitude and temperature field skew in the furnace of pulverized-coal boiler unit. The system’s structure, technical features and working results on boiler units are described.

Introduction to the History of Industrial Networks

Practical use of industrial networking technologies is considered in the article and exemplified by popular standard solutions.

INTERKAMA: Solutions for Process Control and Business Process Automation

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