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Remote I/O Modules for Distributed Systems

Two variants of building a decentralized control system are considered in the article, with a focus on SNAP and OpenLine intelligent I/O modules, their assortment and characteristics. Different approaches to implementation are compared, with the analysis of according structural, electrical and operational features of a system.

System Integration
Oil & Gas Industry

Process Automation Experience: Oligomerization of Olefine-Containing Gas

This process control system was created on the plant producing a component for a motor fuel. The plant's high-performance operation is conditioned by implementation of the state-of-the-art microprocessor technology.

Coalmining Industry

Coal Acceptance Workshop Automation at SIBIR Refinery

The article's authors share experience of successful development of the process control system for one of the main workshops by coal concentrate production. The workshop's total automation is based on Octagon Systems controllers. Original solutions for the upper-level program and LAN management are reviewed.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

ECOM: A Solution for Metering and Controlling Energy Resources

The program-technical system ECOM is certified serial system for unified calculation and control of power energy on enterprises, it is a good sample of using modern technologies in the automation.

Food Industry

Object-Structured Mill Factory Control System

An object-oriented information structure of the mill factory's automation control system may help to simplify replication and modernization of similar control systems.

Stock-Taking of Flour and Finished Products at Confectionery Plant

An automated control system at the confectionery plant producing bread and buns is solving the following tasks: stock-taking of leavings of different flour sorts, and remaining free space in silo; monitoring of machinery operation and finished products output; generation of different-level reports.

Electric Power Industry

A Ganged Activation Control System for Surgutskaya GRES-1 Generators

The generators at Surgutskaya GRES-1 Power Station have total capacity 3,200 MW, and the described automation system has been applied to fulfill a ganged control of their activation. The new high-reliable system has built-in adjustment and diagnostics tools, and its modernization requires less time and labor expenditures.


Automated Control of Drying And High-Temperature Heating of Casting Ladle

The described system helps to control the process of drying and high-temperature heating of steel teeming ladles at metallurgical plant. In the article are also some issues of programming of different technological operation modes considered.

Electric Circuit's Intrinsic Safety

The basic aspects to be taken into consideration by explosion protection "Intrinsic Safety" are stated in the article. Some principles of estimation the intrinsic safety are exemplified, where electric circuits have elements with linear and nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics.

Implementation of Cyrillic Set Support by Octagon's LCD Series

WAGO Clamps for Switch Boxes

Seminar on Interpoint Power Supplies in Kiev

Under the Sign of Crocodile