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Logical Analysers for Testing Digital Equipment

Operational functionality and specifications of the up-to-date logical analysers are considered.

System Integration
Urban Transport

Municipal Traffic Control System

The article describes the structure and features of the automated control system for urban transport and pedestrian traffic, as well as its hardware implementation.

Oil & Gas Industry

Control of Oilfield Objects by Using Combined Communication Channels

Problems in the area of distributed remote control systems for the oil field equipment are considered and exemplified by MEGA Measuring Computing System.

Regional Gas Equipment Control System

Issues of building a process control system for gas supply in a region, and its linking to corporate database management systems are described.

Oil & Gas Industry

Gas Turbogenerator Control System

Mobile electric power stations using gas turbogenerators are needed for compressor plants at gas-main pipelines, on oil and gas fields. A gas turbogenerator control system is considered in the article.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Alarm Signaling and Radiation Environment Monitoring Systems

The program-technical means described in the article are intended for building an alarm signaling system to prevent spontaneous chain reactions and to monitor the radiation environment. Different program-technical configurations and types are considered.

Life Test Control Device

How to control the life tests performed on specialized equipment - different solutions and devices are considered, one of which has been implemented by using a switching board in MicroPC form factor installed into the command circuit of the sample.

Inspector-K: an Unwatched Microprocessor System for Electric Energy Quality Monitoring

The problems solved by Inspector-K system are measuring, processing, memorizing and long-term storage of the static information of energy quality indexes in electricity supply networks. The system's structure and technical characteristics are considered in the article.


Thyristor Drive Control System

The SU-M1 system, which functionality and features analysis is given, is based on MicroPC 6040 microcontroller and controls the direct-current thyristor drive.

Communication Facilities

Modems for Multichannel Data Transmission via High-Voltage Lines

These modems are used to transmit the telemetry data via high-voltage and other analog communication lines.

Replacement of Control Computer's Modules without Power-Down

About some technical solutions related to reliability and maintainability of control computers, with emphasise on the hardware issues of hot swapping modules.


Hannover-2000 Industrial Fair

ProSoft's XIIIth International Seminar on Industrial Automation