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ZICON's Power Electronics

ADVANTECH: Traditional Quality towards the New Era

Review of new products of Advantech, leading industrial computers manufacturer.


Neutrino: Citius, Altius, and ... Less

Features and capabilities of QNX/Neutrino real-time operating system.

Problems and Solutions of a Process Control System for Metallurgy

A retrospective review of the basic software solutions for automation of a large industrial works.

System Integration
Food Industry

Sugar Manufacturing Process Automation Systems

Varied equipment and software are considered, which serve for the monitoring, registration and control of sugar manufacturing process' operation factors.

Automated Rail Flaw Detection

Rails quality monitoring has been improved with the help of automation by echography data registration, processing and visualization.


Automated Systems for Waterworks' Reagent Unit

The structure and construction principles of some automated systems for the water preparation at the South Waterworks in St.Petersburg are considered in the article.

Chemical Industry

Industrial Concentration Meter for Hydrofluoric Acid Concentrate

Automation experience in the field of corrosive media density measuring is described.

Hazardous Areas, Types of Explosion Protection

Recent publications devoted to the issues of data acquisition safety in explosive areas, as well as to existing types of explosion protection by electrical equipment, has brought about a flood of response, positive and negative remarks, too. This article is intended to answer some of arisen questions, but also to highlight key points in comparison of different types of explosion protection.

Serial Interfaces for Display Units

Intelligent Sockets of Dallas Semiconductor

World's Premiere of Genesis32 v. 6.0

Advantech ECG Awards ProSoft