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Software Tools

SCADA Systems: Issue of Choice


Planar FP-Displays' Application Scope

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Rotorcraft Flight Structure's Strength Tests Automation

Strength characteristics of aircraft's construction units are tested on the ground by use of modern computer technologies described in the article.

Sh-9327 Multi-Channel Measuring Converter

A multi-channel measuring converter described in the article is dedicated for solving data acquisition and control tasks, in different fields of engineering, manufacturing and science.

Oil & Gas Industry

Microprocessor Control for the Long-Stroke Pumping Unit

The structure and contents of a microprocessor control unit, which is a part of the long-stroke pumping unit for extraction of oil is described. This control unit implements different operation modes considered in the article.

Belden: Superiority in Technology


FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) Program for Automation Units Based on TMS-320 Processor

Application Hints for BXA15, BXA 30 and BXA40 Mid-Power DC-Converters

INTERKAMA'99: Process Control Systems between the Centuries

ProSoft's 12th International Seminar on Indastrial Automation