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Industrial Networks

Application-Level Protocols of CAN Network

Prevailing networking upper-level protocols based on the CAN Interface.

Foundation Fieldbus vs. Profibus-PA

Alternative industrial networks for process control automation.


Industrial Notebooks


OLE for Process Control: Freedom of Choice

OLE for Process Control (OPC) is the main standard of software component interaction in the contemporary SCADA systems. This standard's main ideas, as well as the OPC-Server's productiveness and development issues are described.

System Integration
Power Engineering

Fully Automated Calculation of Power Consumption at Enterprises and Works

A problem of integrated calculation of power consumption, which begins with the primary instrumental calculation of different energy resources, and ends with the data processing on the level of senior engineering specialist, its basic ideas and existing approach are considered.

Nizhnevartovsk Power Station's Process Control System

A process control system for the Block 1 of Nizhnevartovsk Power Station: its development experience, system structure, and specific software for the automated process control are described.

Heavy Industry

A Process Control System for the Heat Treatment

The described system implements bimodal automated control of the heat treatment plant.

Food Industry

Automated Foodstuffs' Weight Monitoring

This automated control system has been installed at the Fat-and-Oil Integrated Works in Odessa. It measures out and doses delivery of vegetable oil during the process at the oil-extraction plant.

Power Engineering

Modernization of the Hot-Water Boiler's Control System

A state-of-the-art microprocessor system is used for control of the hot-water boiler of TETS-5 heat power plant in Kiev.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Check-Up of Generator Stator Winding's Insulation

A test unit for the check-up of generator's stator winding's insulation helps to increase performance reliability of generators at a power station.

Development of Easy Monitoring Systems on Dial-Up Lines