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Y2K Danger to Industrial Enterprises

System Integration
Oil & Gas Industry

Automation of Gas-Compressor Station as an Example of Complex Industrial Works Automation Experience

Systems Based on Acoustic Meters and Fluid Level Indicators

The new high-precision acoustic meters and fluid level indicators, as well as the systems on their basis are described.

Distributed Control Systems

EI-Bus Technology in Building Automation

Issues of how to control building life-support systems based on the European EI Mounting Bus Standard are considered in the article. The described systems are widely applied in Europe to control the power consumption, lighting, heating, ventilation, gate and jalousie drives, signaling and safety automatic machinery.


A Process Control System for the Waste-Water Treatment

Development and creation of an automated process control system for the waste-water treatment at titanic-magnesium industrial works is described in the article.

Urban Transport

Radiotelemetric Systems in the Municipal Services

Creation of an integrated radiotelephone and radiotelemetric system for supervisory control of the passenger traffic and an automated guard system is considered in the article.

Enhanced Application of Planar Displays

Using Planar's displays in the integrated control console for gray-scale television image display and its matching with computer graphic information is described.

Software Tools

SmartPlant P&ID: Implementation of the "Correct Working Process"

Intrinsically Safe Circuit as a Method of Implosion Protection

The article is dedicated to the issues of implosion-proof equipment using the "intrinsically safe circuit" method.

Octagon Systems' CPU Boards and Y2K Issue