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The harware and software tools for making small-sized storage devices, which are based on the Flash memory, are presented in the article.


An Automated Control and Measurement System for the Aircraft Engine Tests

An Automated Control and Measurement System for the Aircraft Engine Tests is described. Selection of the hardware and software is grounded; the programs' structure and functioning principles are described.


M533 Diesel Engine Control System for the "Mercury" Hovercraft

The structure and main characteristics of the microprocessor-based system are described, which monitors and controls operation of diesel engines on the hovercraft ships. The system can be also implemented at the ships of other types, as grounded in the article.


A Technological System for Geophysical Exploration of Oil-and-Gas Wells

A technical-program system GRANIT-ONIKS is introduced. It provides support of every research stage by the exploration of the oil-and-gas wells.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

A Technical Facility Complex for the Weighing and Dosing Process Automation

A structure of the technical facilities is described. It is designed for the weighing and dosing process automation.

Industrial Networks

MIL-STD-1553B Based Industrial Networks

Fundamentals of the construction of a system based on multiplex channels of inter-modular information exchange are described in the article.

Food Industry

Automated Control System of the Egg Sorting Machine

An electronic control system for egg sorting is considered, which monitors parameters and controls the flow line.

Intel: The Origin of Everything

Digital Signal Processing

A Fast Fourier-Conversation for Digital Signal Processing in Automation Equipment

The article quotes a fast Fourier-conversation program for the digital signal processing on the basis of contemporary personal computers and built-in controllers. It is noted that an optimum programming of the signal processing algorithms in most cases allows doing without additional specialized signal processors.


Informational Support of the Rolling Mill

Experience of designing an automated informational support system for the rolling mill's manufacturing methods is described.

Temperature Measurement: Theory and Practice