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Means of Automation, Compatible to Octagon Systems

Equipment for industrial automation compatible to Octagon Systems’ products is described in the article.

Industrial Networks

Features of the CAN-Protocol

System Integration
Distributed Control Systems

SIMATIC Process Control System 7: the Latest Control System from Siemens

Industrial Controllers

USWO: New Control Forming Method for the Closed Automatic Control Systems

The development infringes the long-lived tradition, which has been existing in the world by the mass manufacturing of universal regulators for closed automatic control systems. The replacement in regulators of classical PID-algorithm with a new algorithm USWO not only does not narrow their application area, but also provides significant increase of operation quality in systems of industrial automatics. The simplicity of tooling the regulators by using of USWO-algorithm makes them more convenient in operation.

Automated Multifunctional Control System of the Locomotive

The multifunctional automated system ASUB Lokomotiv for control and safety of traction vehicles is considered, which has been developed by the experts of Research Institute on Diesel Locomotives and Track Machines (VNITI).


DPI-SCKD: A System for Centralized Monitoring of the Access to Premises

A system for centralized dactyloscopic monitoring of the access to premises (DPI-SCKD) that allows organizing access to various premises is described.


OpenLine - New Generation of Hardware for Construction of the Distributed Systems

In the article the concept of new system OpenLine of firm Grayhill is briefly stated, the basic characteristics of system components and configuration methods are highlighted. The basic attention is given to the description of new two-channel input-output modules of a series 70L/73L.

Software Tools

Laboratory-2D: A Control System for Flexible Technological and Research Stands

Laboratory-2D is a hardware-software complex for the automation of acquisition, processing, representation and exploration of experimental and theoretical data arrays.

Universal 19" Sub-block Series EuropacPRO

Electroluminescent Flat Matrix Displays: Features of Interfaces and Variants of Connection

Advantages of Open-Frame DC/DC-Converter Modules