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Panel Personal Computers of Advantech

A new class of computers for use as MMI (man-machine interface) in automation systems is described.

PCI Bus in Special Applications

Various issues of using PCI bus in embedded and industrial applications are considered.

System Integration
Food Industry

From Experience of Alcohol Manufacturing

In the article one of practical applications of Trace Mode SCADA and MFK technological controller is described.

Firm Siemens in the World of Automation


Development of Simulators and Project Debugging of the Automated Process Control Systems on the Basis of MMI/SCADA Packages

The informational interaction of MMI/SCADA packages and visual modeling systems is considered by development of simulators of the operative personnel and modeling of automated process control systems, the criterion of evaluation of an examinee’s behavior is entered.

Software Tools

What a SCADA system must know

Introducing RTWin

Till recently there existed an opinion that the Russian market of the integrated automation packages is empty. The article considers some aspects of choosing the base software by solving manufacturing automation tasks. A software package for creation of the distributed monitoring and control systems in QNX operating systems is introduced.

New Version of TRACE MODE for Windows NT

The article describes features of SCADA-system TRACE MODE 5 for Windows NT that allows creating of the distributed automated process control systems.

GENIE 3.0: Harmony of Simplicity and Efficiency

The article describes functional capabilities of GENIE 3.0, a software tool for developing the upper level of automated process control systems in a part of data visualization and operative supervisory control.

GENESIS32: Something Greater than just a SCADA-System

The article contains general information about GENESIS32 – a complete software tool set of firm ICONICS for developing the upper level of automated process control systems, which is based on OPC (OLE for Process Control), the newest open standard of interaction of the equipment and software supplied by different manufacturers.

Some issues of radiation hardened DC/DC coverters of Interpoint