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ADAM-5510 as a Mirror of Modern Trends of Automation

Everything You Want to Know about Flash Disks... but Were Afraid to Ask

Flash Disks’ main performance attributes are described, problems of their choice and usage are considered.

System Integration

Temperature Monitoring System for the Smelting Furnace

PC-based temperature control system for a furnace for raw bath smelting, with a lot of measuring channels.

Oil & Gas Industry

Modernization of the CAM System for Complex Gas Preparation Plants in the Far Northern Region

Contemporary level of automation of complex gas preparation plants (CGPP) in the Far Northern region is analyzed. A brief list of problems to be solved by CGPP is considered, as well as the issues of modernization of CGPP CAM System.

Extractive Industry

Automated Control System for MMC 105*54 Overflow-Type Self-Grinding Mill

Automated control system for autogenous overflow-type mill for enriching factory № 14 of Aikhal is described in the article.

Chemical Industry

Implementation Features of CAM System for Continuous Etherification Stage of Butylacetate Manufacturing

Implementation features of CAM system under conditions of unstable object parameters and transportation lagging are considered.


Automated Process Control System for the Kompozit-2M Mixed Feed Plant

Distributed control system for manufacturing of mixed fodder is described. System is implemented at Zhabinkovsky factory of mixed fodder (Belarus).


Tritium Computer-Aided Scientific Research System

The structure of the assembly for control system of facilities for research of interactions of nuclear reactor materials with tritium is presented.

Urban Transport

Telecontrol System for Traction Substations

Implementation of the telecontrol system for traction substations using non-intelligent radio-modems is described. Methods of organizing the network and reliability improving are considered.


Development and Implementation Experience of a Measured Cutting Section Control System

The experience of development and implementation of a measured cutting section control system of PGA 2-7*80-500 profile bender in the bent profile workshop of the Zaporozhstal integrated metallurgical works is described.

Power Engineering

Universal Automated Control System for Heat-Engines and Units on their Basis

The experience of development and operation of the control system for 1000 kW diesel- generator set based on Advantech equipment is analyzed.

Electric Power Industry

NEVA Information System for Electric Power Plants

Multifunctional NEVA information system for electric power plants is described. It is intended for comprehensive solution of data acquisition problem at the electric power plants with 110-500 kW output.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Ultrasonic Flowmeters and Calculation System on their Basis

Two kinds of ultrasonic flowmeters with lay-on sensors as well as the calculation system on their base are described.

Medical Equipment

Autonomous Systole Rhythm Register

The autonomous device for functional diagnostics is described. It is intended for twenty-four hours registration of human systole rhythm. Registered rhythmogram is being transmitted into the personal computer for the visualization and mathematical processing.

Industrial Controllers

Flexible Programmable Controllers or a PC-based Solution?

Siemens’ approach to creation of distributed control systems is described.

Advantech — Towards the Coming Millennium

Software Tools

Using UltraLogic in Designing Heat Engineering Equipment Control Systems

Practical application of UltraLogic software tool-kit is considered on the example of the control system for a large heat station.

Explosion Safety Issues

Main methods of providing the explosion safety of equipment are described; European, Russian and North American standards have been compared. The primary emphasis has been laid on the intrinsic safety method.

Peculiarities of Subsystem of Power Consumption Control for Modern Embedded Processor Modules

A system for power consumption control of the modern microprocessor modules for embedded application is described.

Configuring of Cabinets PROLINE Series

Some features of configuring of the 19”-cabinet enclosures for industrial and networking applications are described.