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Backup power sources from Interpoint

System Integration
Oil & Gas Industry

Upgrading the automated process control systems for oil mains

This article discusses the development and implementation of an automatic process control system for Sibnefteprovod's Uraiskoye Oil Pipeline Department.

Monitoring gas control points

This article examines a system for monitoring gas control points that provides real-time, accurate information both on current parameters and on accidents in the gas supply system.

Chemical Industry

Automated process control system for producing 1,2-dichlorethane at the Sterlitamakskiy company Kaustik


Automated radiation monitoring system in Chelyabinsk Oblast

This article examines the first tier of the automated radiation monitoring system in Chelyabinsk Oblast, describing the system's features and components.

Automating equipment for processing liquid radioactive wastes

The authors describe in detail analog input/output devices from Analog Devices.


Automated control system for hothouse growing concerns

This article describes the control and registration of technical parameters for a hothouse growing concern based on the ADAM-4000 module from Advantech.


Automated process control system for manufacturing aluminum

The authors describe the TROLL automation system implemented at the Sayansk Aluminum Factory, with particular attention to the technical aspects of the use of MicroPC controllers in a large automation project. The project was implemented by the firm ToksSoft in 1996-1997.

Process control system for coke batteries in the byproduct coke industry

This article describes the automated process control system for coke batteries based on the Delta hardware and software solution.

Program and temperature control system in gas ovens

The author examines the development, basic features and functions of a system for controlling a multizone gas oven.

Electric Power Industry

Monitoring and control system for a steam generator

This article describes the structure and functions of the monitoring and control system for a steam generator.

Energy-saving information system

The authors propose an integrated solution for controlling energy consumption in industry.

Heavy Industry

Using a TORNADO-30 digital signal processor to control an electric drive

This article describe a system for controlling a 20-megawatt synchronous electric motor using a TORNADO-30 digital signal processor.


Multi-processor distributed control systems for intelligent mobile robots

This article is devoted to the problems associated with creating intelligent mobile robots capable of functioning autonomously in conditions hazardous to humans.


Digital geophysical station

The authors describe the Land Explorer geophysical station, developed under the international INTAS project to predict earthquakes.

M-Systems flash disks in the sky

The author describes the use of M-Systems flash disks in a system for collecting data to measure chemical contents in the atmosphere.


Automated fingerprint identification system

This article offers a solution for the problems associated with identifying people for the purpose of controlling access to locations or resources.

Reference materials on the American wire gauge standard

The reliability of current transformers, with a quantitative evaluation