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New features of Octagon Systems' embedded PCs

This article covers new products from Octagon Systems that are, in part, being offered in place of analog modules of the previous generation and. The new products have a range of new features and advantages.

Schroff/Hoffman's electrical cabinets and racks

Input/output devices: WAGO modules

The author describes the WAGO I/O System controller, designed for use in Fieldbus industrial networks.

System Integration
Food Industry

Automated dairy products control and metering system for dairy plants

The article presents an automated dairy products control and metering system for small and midsize dairy plants. The authors describe the operation of the system's first tier at a working dairy plant, and they point out the possibility of adapting this model control and monitoring system for use in other food industry plants.


KURS: a space-based system for collecting natural resource data from ground-based platforms and determining their location

This article was written based on the results of tests of the KURS system.

Radiation safety monitoring system

The authors describe a radiation safety monitoring system designed to automatically monitor the effects of ionizing radiation on workers at enterprises that use radioactive substances. The article presents the structure of the system, its functions and also details on the hardware and software used.

Electric Power Industry

Automating tumbler ball mills for thermoelectric stations

This article examines an automated system for controlling a tumbler ball mill for a thermoelectric station. The system uses a new self-adjusting regulator/optimizer. The economic impact from implementing the system at one mill, thanks to direct reductions in electricity, is from $20,000 to $80,000 annually, depending on the type of mill and the type of material to be milled.

The PPC1 universal accident monitoring system

The authors cover the features, functions and operation of the PPC1 universal accident monitoring system, which is used at power facilities.

Power Engineering

Commercial metering of energy resources

This article examines the hardware and software used in building the Delta solution, a system for the commercial metering of energy resources and dispatcher control of energy consumption at industrial facilities.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Stenkomer STs-50 automated tube wall thickness measuring system

This article describes a device, the Stenkomer, used to measure tube wall thickness during the manufacturing process.

The TARAN-T Intelligent Heatmeter and Flowmeter

Current technologies allow for improvements in the reliability and features of devices for measuring liquids and temperature. This article describes the practical use of industrial controllers in the TARAN-T heatmeter.

Railway Transport

Automated system for controlling junctions and heavy rail car trains

The authors examine the preparation of an onboard automated system for controlling rail.

Distributed Control Systems

Options for repairing and upgrading current automated process control systems

This article offers solutions for upgrading both the hardware and software of existing industrial automated control systems.

WAGO: Cage Clamp - technology for the third millennium

Software Tools

ULTRALOGIC - A system for producing programs for industrial controllers

The authors examine a system for programming industrial controllers based on the recommendations of the International Electrotechnical Commission's IEC-1131 standard.

Real-time Operating Systems

Genesis for Windows: Graphic SCADA system for developing automated process control systems

This article reviews the architecture, basic capabilities and components of the Genesis for Windows application.

Interfaces for sequential data transmission. The EIA RS-422A/RS-485 standards

The author sets forth the basic requirements of the EIA RS-422A/RS-485 standards and examines certain aspects of implementing monitoring and metering networks based on these standards.