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So many good real-time operating systems




A real-time operating system and a development environment for real-time software.


Real-time systems


Input/output devices. Modules from Advantech

This article focuses on a range of input/output devices from Advantech. These devices can be used as low-level components in distributed measuring systems and industrial control systems, with the components situated in direct proximity to the controlled machinery.

Control system for unmanned underwater vehicles

System Integration
Underwater Equipment

Automated design of underwater, remote-controlled apparatuses

Oil & Gas Industry

The Kosmotronika automated process control system

The author examines the Kosmotronika radio-controlled process control system used in the energy sector and in oil and gas extraction.

Automating petroleum tank farms

Control system for a gas compressor unit

Automated processes for dehydrating crude oil

The author describes the automation of processes for dehydrating crude oil at stations for the preliminary disposal of deposit water.

Onboard monitor for rolling stock

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Automation of ultrasonic monitoring of welds on metal structures at an atomic power plant

This article describes how to set up an automated system for ultrasonic diagnostics of welds at an atomic power plant using a TP 208 and AWS-850 workstation.

Real-time Operating Systems

Real-time software from On Time Informatik GmbH

OPTOSOFT - real-time data collection and control system

This article describes the OPTOSOFT real-time system.

The Grayhill philosophy: Be the best

Computers and triphase electrical networks

Computers: proper power is the guarantee of health

Components from Dallas Semiconductor

A method for rapid reconfiguration of a multi-machine control system

The authors examine a method for rapidly reconfiguring a dual-machine computing system based on MicroPC components. This method involves installing in each unit a freeze alert that informs the functioning machine that it is rebooting its processor in the event that the computer freezes or needs to be reset (when the reset signal is sent through the network), which allows for a rapid change in the configuration of the computing system based on a built-in algorithm.

A few questions on using the 5B, 70G and 73G modules

This article examines a range of issues connected with the primary challenges and mistakes in using input/output modules in automated systems.